Escarpment Kids

Escarpment Kids is a comprehensive youth education program designed to teach young people about the natural history, geology, geography, and ecological significance of the Escarpment and to use the model of the Escarpment and its designation as a World Biosphere Reserve to educate young people on broader environmental issues and sustainability. In doing so, Escarpment Kids also promotes the Escarpment’s unique features and encourages young people and their families to experience the wonder of the Escarpment first-hand by engaging in Escarpment-related events and activities.

Escarpment Kids will soon feature an innovative new website,, which will be segmented to tell the story of the Escarpment uniquely and interactively to different age groups. The Escarpment Kids website will be complemented by print materials, including a children’s book that will use creative word and illustration to bring the natural heritage of the Escarpment to life for young readers. All of these resources will also be available to teachers to support classroom curriculum.

In 2010, Escarpment Kids will expand to include a Niagara Escarpment Youth Leadership Summit, which will bring together young environmental leaders from local high schools to learn about and discuss environmental and sustainability issues, particularly as they relate to the Escarpment.